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I’m Joël Jimenez, a professional body piercer in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. Since 2015, I’ve provided quality piercing services at fair prices. It’s not about doing as many piercings as possible; rather make each one to be special. An expression of art rather than merely poking holes in the skin.

Piercings provide a unique way for people to express themselves. I view each person as a blank canvas, ready to be adorned. With the right jewellery, the possibilities are endless. High-quality jewellery ensures that each piercing becomes an art piece.

My commitment is an ongoing journey of improvement. I consistently learn and refine my skills to provide a better service. Whether it’s your first piercing or an addition to your collection, I’m here to guide you. That’s the humbling part of my profession.

Through my automatic calendar system, you can schedule all appointments yourself. With just a few button presses, the system displays all available days and times. Simplicity and efficiency are the marvels technology has to offer, in one package.

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All services are provided in collaboration with the studio BlackBear Ink in Eindhoven.

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