Welcome to The Perfectly Sinful. With my profession as a professional body piercer, it is my honor to pierce and decorate the human body.

When getting a new piercing, the piece of jewellery is an essential part. The quality of the jewellery has a lot of influence on the healing of your piercing. Implant grade titanium is currently the best material available. It enables your piercing to heal faster and better compared to other materials.

The Caribbean Dream (Website)
Nostril Open Nostril Ring Silver (QualiTi) (Website)

When it comes to the looks, Every person prefers something different. It is hard to keep up with every color, size, and style there is. Nonetheless, I believe in supplying as many jewelry options as possible, without compromising on quality.

My profession is not just about creating another hole in your body. I want to enable people to decorate themselves with the jewelry they like. To help you get the style you have always wanted. It is about accentuating the human body. Then, and only then, it is possible to create something beyond that.

Auricle 3 Stone Crystal Cluster Silver Clear (QualiTi) (Website)